Elie Saab haute couture wedding dresses

Up to this moment we’ve suggested to you some great looking Elie Saab wedding dresses and we simply feel astonished of her inspiration and the way in which she designs haute couture pieces of clothing and especially those bridal pieces.

In the lines to come we’re going to suggest to you some of her creations that are part of this haute couture we’ve been mentioning and mentioning about. These are quite exquisite looking, similar to the models that we’ve suggested up to this moment and need to be taken into consideration in case you want to be different in the most important day of your life.

We would like to share with you three models and we will continue with some other ones in our future articles….

Elie Saab haute couture wedding dresses

The first haute couture wedding dress that we want to talk about is short and designed in a very special way: it’s short and it has one sleeve detail with an uncovered hand. The sleeve is long and it has ruffled details that continue also on the rest of the dress. Let’s also mention that the part with the skirt is fixed on the body and this dress creates a really nice visual impression. In this particular picture it is worn with semi transparent leggings and a pair of metallic high heeled sandals. Exquisite!
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Another great looking model is definitely this one! It is shorter than the previous one and it is designed in an interesting way: it is composed only by parts that imitate feathers, it’s sleeveless and it has straight neckline. This model will definitely look great on a thin body and it will highlight your legs in a very pleasant way. Similar to the previous one, this dress is worn with semi transparent leggings and that pair of sandals we’ve been mentioning about.

The final dress that we’ve been thinking to present is also short and this time it has long sleeves and a straight neckline that starts somewhere at the bottom of your neck. The dress has nice embroidery on it and there are areas in the upper side of it that have transparent sides and this thing is really sensual if we come to think of it. Also, it’s combined with transparent leggings and high heeled sandals! Pretty great, if we come to think of it!

We’ve finished our enumeration of Elie Saab haute couture wedding dresses and we hope that the models suggested here are a source of inspiration to you and that you take these into consideration.