Spring 2010- trendy wedding dresses

And speaking about wedding dresses, let’s see some of the fashionable models of this spring season brought to us by the big designers, but we’re not going to mention them….

spring 2010- trendy wedding dresses

So we start with the first model that took our eyes instantly: it’s made of rough satin with tulle, this is the first thing that we needed to mention firstly. It’s in electrifying colors and it’s quite exquisite as a model: corsage with puffy skirt and a veil on the head. Let’s mention that the corsage is made in white with a metallic gray tone on it and it highlights pretty much the bust area.
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The puffy dress is made of two layers, from transparent material and a metallic area consisting of different sized straps. The veil that is worn on the head is pretty simple and it shows the face of the bride if she puts it on….

spring 2010- trendy wedding dresses2

Another interesting looking model is made totally of embroideries, but it consists of a simple model of dress. The dress has two medium sleeves, which sparkle like the rest of the rest of the dress. The skirt ends with some ruffled portions, which seem to cut the entire mathematic of the dress. The glittery lines are made like in a parallel mode and all of them shiny and look great, speaking entirely.

This model looks also interesting. We like the cuts and the color. We like also that there are attached a pair of gloves over the elbow area. The dress is long and it has a bow detail in the back. It’s simple, because there is used only one type of fabric and there isn’t any embroidery or details attached to it. It’s pretty interesting and it looks divine, don’t you think in the same way?!

spring 2010- trendy wedding dresses3

We mentioned some times ago that you can use a hat instead of a veil or tiara. This dress combines styles pretty well and the designer chooses a cap for a head accessory, which is a marvelous thing.

Let’s also speak about the dress. This model seems to be made of satin, and it simply flows in the body. There are also used some metallic nuances too, which is a marvelous thing, because it’s a part of this season’s trend! The sleeves are halter type and there is nice floral embroidery applied on the front side of the dress.

There’s also the need of mentioning that this dress is really long and it’s concentrated on the waist area; fact considered marvelous because it highlights the beauty of your body. The floral embroidery begins near the shoulder area, it continues down on the cleavage and it ends somewhere near the belly button.

spring 2010- trendy wedding dresses4

We will continue with this topic, because we want you to find out about the newest models of dresses, wedding that is, and maybe you may get some inspiration and create a model that has your personal touch.