1918 wedding dress

We suggested some interesting models of vintage wedding dresses and now we thought that we should present you some amazing looking gowns that were fashionable in 1918 and that could serve as a good starting point for you. You will see that some pieces would look gorgeous even in the 21st century.
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We start with a divine looking wedding dress; this model has a V cleavage in the back side and a long train. The fabric from this dress is made of is quite light and makes the dress flow nicely on the body.

1918 wedding dress

It also has some really interesting embroidered areas that go from the train all the way up to the V side in the back. You can observe some ruffled details on the short sleeves and you can but admire the way in which the waist is highlighted by a line made from the same fabric as the rest of the dress.

We continue our collection of dresses with yet another amazing dress that denotes simplicity and extravagance, at the same time. This wedding dress from the 1918 is made of two different types of fabric; it has a round cleavage and you can observe impressive details on its surface, like some portions made of silk or satin in a golden shade that come and give a special effect to this rather simple dress. We forgot to mention that the dress has short sleeves and an unusual type of train.

1918 wedding dress2

Another cute 1918 wedding dress we found is made in the simplest of ways; it has short sleeves and a round cleavage continuing with a really tight bodice. This dress denotes simplicity through the model, but it surely does not through the fabric used, as it features intricate embroidery that will create a nice visual effect.

1918 wedding dress3

How about a wedding dress that is made of lace and features floral motifs? It is a model that needs to be worn by a bride that loves and respects the vintage style. Furthermore, this precious dress is quite expensive, so, check your wedding budget before placing your order. The long sleeves that cover the elbows and the long collar are details specific to the 1918 fashion and they are quite difficult to accomplish.

1918 wedding dress4

A tailor or a seamstress’s help will be required and for these types of services the amount charged is not exactly small.