My one and only petite wedding dress

Being a short lady is not a default, on the contrary it may be considered something valuable, because they say that powerful perfumed are held in small bottles. Anyway, returning to what concerns us, being a short woman means that you will look for a petite wedding dress. Don’t worry, there are plenty such beautiful models on the market, so it will be impossible not to find something beautiful for you.
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So, the first criterion that you will have to share with the sales assistant will be the length one. If you don’t want your dress to suffer some alterations than make sure that the length you will pick will be the right one for you. You will see that this won’t be an impediment in the way of your bridal happiness. Designer usually think about everything, thus you are likely to find what you are looking for.

My one and only petite wedding dressCredit
My one and only petite wedding dress

However, you should be ready to make some compromises. For instance, if you will fall in love with a model that is not available on petite sizes than you should buy a longer dress, which you will alter later on. This won’t be something that your guests will notice, if you fear that this might happen. You will see that if you will work with a talented seamstress nothing will be remarked. Anyway, it would be best if you would alter your bridal gown at the shop you will buy it from, because in this manner you will benefit from some reductions and the work will be perfectly done.

But, even if you worry right now you will see that the length problem won’t bother you that much. On the contrary, it will be something easy to solve. At the same time you should not treat this matter with superficiality, but you should be prepared for everything when you will go to buy this gown.

My one and only petite wedding dress Credit
My one and only petite wedding dress

As a result, you should purchase your wedding shoes before the wedding dress, in order not to have bad surprises. Thus, pick something simple and elegant as your wedding shoes, so that your wedding dress will match perfectly.

In the end, it seems that being petite is not such a big deal. There are many tips for these brides and therefore their length should be the least thing to bother them.