Brief history of white wedding dresses

The wedding ceremony involves lots of characters in it, but this is not important in our review…. We’re not going to speak about all the people involved in this important event, we’re only going to mention some ideas about the bride or what she’s wearing on in the big day – to be more precise.

The wedding is considered to be like a passage from being a young lady, a child to becoming a woman and you have to emphasize this passing through the wedding dress that you wear. Besides the specific bridal gown, the bride will receive a wedding ring, which will make her a new person, one that is committed to the other through this tiny detail and lots of vows.
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Going back to the bridal gown, let’s mention some words about white wedding dresses in general. How did they appear? Why is the bridal gown considered so important in some cultures and what was the initial symbol?

The white bridal gown has appeared later in history and it was considered a “must have in the wedding”. Initially the color for wedding dresses was blue and let’s also add that to this clothing there were added the bridal veil, which was transparent and covered the face and it matched the shoes perfectly and let’s not forget that the early bride used to wear flowers in her hair as well. Indeed, an interesting image to see. This is just a brief image related to the bride and we’re sure that you already have a general idea on how she used to look.

Let’s see exactly when white wedding dresses became popular, shall we?

Well, around 1840s it was Queen Victoria who started it all. She married a well known prince and what she had on started like a trend. The wedding dress that she had on was entirely white and it was made of satin with orange details and a lace veil as well as a long train, which was carried on the arm.

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White wedding dress

The picture taken in her wedding day was the thing that triggered it all! She was seen wearing this interesting piece on and from this moment on, ladies became “obsessed” with the idea of wearing white wedding dresses. Besides this matter, white was considered a symbol of innocence and purity! Another thing that needs to be added is related to the fact that this particular wedding dress had the name of Victorian wedding dress.