Special details on the wedding dress

The 2011 season brings not only changes in color and in the structure of the wedding gown, but also lots of superb details that can transform any creation into something unique.

special details on the wedding dress

The advantage of the trend of gorgeous applications is that every outfit can be personalized and it can offer all that every modern bride wants. Here are some of the details that you have to take into account when it comes to searching for the bridal gown.
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Detachable details

If you acquired your wedding dress you can continue with accessorizing with small details that can change its look totally. We’re speaking about details at the level of the waist line, floral applications or a corsage that you can wear wherever you want.

The bride badge

You have to recall the ribbons that you used in primary school or during high school for keeping the memory of your friends. You can use this type of ribbon for the bridal gown. Opt for complementary colors that offer a plus of vitality to your bridal gown.

Details on the back side

In most of the cases, the back side of the bridal gown is omitted and it remains extremely simple even if the model isn’t an adequate one – the difference is noticeable.

This year the designers have thought of this aspect and they’ve created lots of models, which are just great for being selected by the brides.

special details on the wedding dress 2

Details on the skirt

Even if you’re not into ruffles and the dresses type princess gown, some details applied on the skirt can offer a special tone to your wedding gown. Opt for models presented on the Spanish podium with a plus of flamenco influence.

Details around the thighs

If you have a simple wedding dress then you definitely have to take into account details that can be applied around the thighs. These create an interesting visual effect or can be detached really easy. In this way you’re going to be able to change your look with only a few moves.

Detail on the neck

For tall brides who want to impress, a detail attached at the level of the neck can be the perfect solution. This year, there are harlequin inspirations which seem to be very popular and this means that you can definitely take into account choosing the circus theme for your wedding.