No one and nothing should influence the colour of your bridal dress

Are you a young bride, getting married for the first time? Well, if yes: congratulations and enjoy every step of the planning of your wedding. But, I’m sure that you must bother about something! For instance: if white isn’t your favourite choice, are you allowed to choose ivory or champagne for your bridal dress?
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Well, of course you may! This is your wedding ceremony and everything you will choose for your look, i.e. your apparel, your accessories, your hairstyle and so on, must represent you. Therefore, when choosing something that concerns you especially you should express your preferences, ideas and likes.

champagne bridal dressCredit
Champagne bridal dress

However, if your parents are quite superstitions and if they urge you to wear a white dress, you should discuss with them before doing their way. I’m sure that you already know that, but we are going to state it anyway: the superstitions say that a dress portraying any colour but white will bring bad luck in your marriage and married life. But, if you are going to pay for your dress, then the decision is entirely up to you; i.e. you have full control on what you are going to wear at your ceremony. Still, if your parents will buy you’re the dress, then you must find a way to convince them that white isn’t really the shade you wanted to wear on your wedding day. Insist and you will surely get what you want!

But, the problem may not be raised by your parents, but by your groom’s mother and father. If he belongs to a traditional family, then they will definitely desire their son to marry a bride dresses in white. What will you do then? Will you make a compromise, or will you listen to your heart and make your dreams become true? Well, we believe that you should wear something that will make you happy and not something that will please your mother and father in law. Be strong and do whatever will make you happy on your wedding day.

ivory wedding gownCredit
Ivory wedding gown

Therefore, whether if your wedding ceremony is traditional, you may wear whatever colour you may please and choose the other wedding items as traditional as possible.