Claire Pettibone wedding dresses

For the woman who dreams of poetry in pure movement, the wedding designer from Los Angeles, Claire Pettibone is going to offer in the most similar manner the romantic inspiration from her creations.
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Combining the vintage fashion with the modern époque with nature accents, Claire succeeds to offer originality from every wedding dress, no matter if it’s a ceremony that takes place in the garden, on the beach or in a castle.

Claire Pettibone wedding dress

What exactly inspires you?

All the époques from the history of costumes, from lace accessories of the 1800s to the clothing of the 1920s. nature, flowers, birds, clouds, butterflies…. As starting point for every collection launched, she picks and collects some specific objects to a theme.

The people say that they can distinguish a Claire Pettibone creation without looking at the label; this thing can be considered as a compliment and the designer can admit that she has her own print, which can be observed between other creations.

For instance last year’s collection has started with a Cherry Blossom theme. In her research she seems to be inspired by the feelings of purity and innocence. Her creations inspired from Asiatic accents have been interpreted as subtle details, flower embroidery with cherry and like leaves.

What kind of wedding dresses can be adapted during the summer season?

A wedding dress for a summer wedding definitely has to be luminous and comfortable. As fabrics used, it’s recommended to apply for light silk, thin cotton or tulle.

Claire Pettibone wedding dress

Picking has to be inclined towards the fluid and delicate models, in order that the bride feels relaxed.

Satin should be avoided or the wedding dresses with too many details on them, in order not to look as if they’re forced in the summer season. In this period you have to apply for embroidery and lace….

Also, the summer wedding can take place in open air spaces and it would be really nice that the wedding dresses have nature elements. The applied flowers or the embroidery with flower motifs are really romantic.

How can you acquire Claire Pettibone wedding dresses?

You can do it online with ease if you enter on the designer’s official site! In our days you won’t encounter difficulties in purchasing a certain product and we’re sure you already know this matter.

Claire Pettibone wedding dress

Are the Claire Pettibone wedding dresses expensive?

Well, let’s say that the wedding dresses have a starting price of $2.000 and they can get up to $10.000 and the personalized models are going to be placed around the price of $25.000 or even higher!

If you ask us it’s worth spending such big sums of money on wedding dresses and especially if they’re signed Claire Pettibone.