Wedding dresses in 2010

Have you decided to get married in the year to come? You simply are impatient for the moment that is going to come and want a romantic festivity for you and your future groom? The wedding dress is the basis of the wedding gown, and maybe of the entire ceremony, because the bride is admired by all the guests! In the year to come, get ready to wear a thin dress that is especially made to highlight your feminine side…


Lace is one of the basic materials in the year to come, it has been very in trend in the past years, but in 2010 a new type of lace is marked. Materials are lighter and finer; give nice sensations when touching them! The Cantilly lace seems to get the first place in the “chart”, in front of organza and chiffon. The lace wedding dresses will be certainly worn in the season spring-summer of the year to come.
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The wedding dresses with floral models from lace seem to be very in trend. This type of motif can denote freshness, style and sensation! Many designers have used flower prints from other materials to confer romanticism!


The traditional wedding dresses without the upper part are fashionable, but those that have the shoulders also are to be much worn! This being said, you can wear a cleavage in different forms and shapes, such as: square, circle, or in V form. You have a large range of dresses from where to choose from and certainly you will find one that is going to suit you and your personality!

The simple texture and fine elements seem to be the basic trends for the corsages in the bride`s dress in 2010. A simple, classy look can highlight a wonderful body! This is due to the special knits, which underline the shapes and the full forms of the silhouette!

Although the tulle is considered to be the basic material for the wedding dresses, it hasn`t been that present on the podiums in the last years. Next year we won`t say the same thing, because it`s back and very in trend: it`s full of embroideries, glamorous and full of details! Some designers have filled this material with pearls to give an orgasmic image to the future married ones….wedding-dresses-in-2010-3

Another new thing in 2010 is the hat and the long veil. These models denote elegance and make the bride to look superb! Also, long gloves are to be worn and make the brides look like Hollywood stars!

No matter what motif you choose for your wedding gown, you will surely look glamorous and stylish in what you choose to wear, because the year that comes offers only good things!