Modern wedding dresses

The modern models of wedding dresses take a little something from the past and adapt it to the modern ideas and symbols. You’re going to be astonished after you see our suggestions. You’re going to definitely like these and we hope also that maybe you have these models as starting point when it comes to your wedding day….

Our first suggestion is made entirely of ruffled material and it goes so great on the body that you just can’t imagine. This dress has a sweetheart neckline and it’s sleeveless. Underneath the breast area there is a determined area on the waist created from different lines that are on the fabric.

modern wedding dresses

After this layer there’s another area represented by the skirt, entirely made of ruffled parts. Indeed, it’s an interesting model and it has here and there some angles with ruffles…. The veil looks also great, it is made from transparent fabric and it has ruffled areas too, similar to the entire dress.
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To wear such a model in your wedding day wouldn’t be hard as long as you have a great looking body and the sense of modernity. The dress is really tight on the body and so it reveals even the tiniest rounded shape of your body, it’s mermaid style and it’s made of satin. So, the model is tight on the body and it continues in the back side with a train with slight waves. The cleavage is really deep and it has V cut and a bow detail in the front side.

Let’s also mention that this model of dress would be ideal for a spring wedding or summer wedding, you’re going to feel really refreshed in it, and in fact you won’t even feel it on you.

modern wedding dresses2

Another great looking model s made of satin with lace embroidery. The dress is long and it feels really great on the body. In the upper side and in the lower side there can be observed lace embroidery and on the sleeves too. the cleavage is type sweetheart and it uncovers a small part of your chest on which you can definitely place a great looking piece of jewelry.

modern wedding dresses3

And speaking of embroidered fabric, this dress is entirely made of embroidery from the upper side towards the down side completely. This dress has a straight neckline, it’s sleeveless and it’s A shaped beginning from the thighs area. It is made of multiple layers of fabric and it’s definitely interesting to be taken into account in your wedding day.

modern wedding dresses4

The last model we want to suggest should definitely look great on a thin body, and all the models presented above are for all types of bodies, you should take this into account too. So this dress is mermaid style, it’s sleeveless and it has a straight cleavage. Underneath the breasts there’s a shiny detail, a ribbon wrapped around the body.

modern wedding dresses5

The down side of the skirt is vast and it’s created in nice looking embroidery. Let’s also mention that the entire fabric from which this dress is made of has an interesting look and it’s made in nice looking lines.