Color wedding dresses 3

When we refer to color wedding dresses we don’t exactly mean dresses that are colored entirely, but that have a small area that is colored and we’re certain that this sounds pretty interesting to you. You may have a general idea concerning these models and it would really be a pity not to take into account our examples as well!

We start with our first suggestion that consists of a sleeveless wedding dress that will definitely seem interesting.

color wedding dresses

So, this one has a straight neckline and a tight corsage on the bodice, let’s also mention that you can observe embroidered details here and there on the surface of this bodice and underneath it there’s the waist line very well delimited with the help of a purple ribbon which is tied up in a bow and it has a glittery detail on.

color wedding dresses 2

The skirt is wide and designed in A-line. Also, here and there on its surface you can observe ruffled details that seem to go really nice in combination with the other details. The back side of your body is highlighted in a very gorgeous manner and you just can observe every body shape in a gorgeous manner and let’s also mention that the skirt ends in the back side with a small train, which is really simple in the same time.

There’s the other color wedding dress that we want to mention about and we’re certain that you’re going to love it as well.

color wedding dresses 3

This one has the tone and color of milk and its color is really interesting looking and it’s going to definitely go great with a tanned skin. So, we’re speaking about a sleeveless wedding dress that has a sweetheart neckline and you’re going to be certain that it’s ideal for any type of body shapes.

Let’s mention that underneath the breasts there’s this nice area that is highlighted with the help of a red ribbon which really helps your body shapes to be highlighted in a gorgeous way.

color wedding dresses 4

The bust area and the thighs are emphasized in a beautiful way and we’re certain that you see just how great all these elements go together.

Another thing that we want to mention about relates to the skirt, which is designed in A-line and that can be characterized by ruffles on its entire surface. You can observe just how gorgeous all these elements go together and how interesting the skirt is realized. In the back side, the skirt continues with a short train and as you can see it, all the elements go really interesting together and this is definitely a dress you would really want to wear in the special day!