Different models of wedding dresses 2

The following models seem to continue the series of wedding gowns that we want to suggest to you and you know very well from the last article where these models are taken from, yes they are taken from a Chinese fashion house of wedding dresses and we want to offer you a big range of models from which you can choose and these are taken from around the world as you could observe with your own eyes.

So, let’s start with presenting you the first model in this article which is a delightful one and it caresses the eyes clearly. This one is a sleeveless wedding gown that has a sweetheart neckline and it seems to be designed accordingly to the princess gowns. So, you can observe a tight corsage that has ice looking embroidery on and seems to highlight your body shapes in a gorgeous manner.

different models of wedding dresses 2

The skirt is wide and it’s made of multiple layers of fabric, semi transparent one that seems to create an interesting visual effect. On the head you can observe a nice looking veil, which is placed on the back side of the head; it’s long down to the floor. The same type of embroidery that can be observed on the bodice can be observed on the front side of the head as well….
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Here’s another delightful model that we’re certain you’re going to enjoy pretty much as well. This one is designed accordingly to the mermaid wedding dresses models: it’s tight down to the thighs and from there you can observe the wide skirt that is made of multiple layers of fabric. This one is composed of two different types of fabric: there’s the shiny one that composes the bodice and on the upper side you can observe tiered details, also the straps look interesting and wide.

different models of wedding dresses 2 2

On the side where the skirt begins you can observe numerous glittery sides which we’re sure that satisfies you’re eyes! Here and there on the skier you can observe glittery particles that will definitely seem amazing. The veil uncovers the face in a gorgeous manner and it’s made of semi transparent fabric, also it’s down to the floor….

The last model that we decided to present to you from this collection doesn’t seem to be appropriate for all body shapes and configurations. It has a sweetheart neckline with halter straps, also the dress seems to be really tight on the bodice and on its inferior side you can observe nice looking embroidery. Underneath the dress there’s an area of semi transparent fabric that goes down to the floor and it creates discordance in coordination with the other elements.

different models of wedding dresses 2 3

These are the models that we wanted to suggest to you up to this moment, but there are going to be many others in the time to come so that you can have where to choose from.