Pakistani wedding dress

Jumping from a culture to another, we continue with the Pakistani wedding dresses and we would like to present you some great looking models, but not before talking about them in a few words and to tell what needs to be said.

These wedding dresses are made from the finest pieces of fabrics and have really precious and nice embroidery on them. Let’s also mention that on the forehead these women place some details and on the head they have traditional accessories on. Combined with the jewelry all of these details cope really nicely together into creating an amazing effect.

The first Pakistani wedding dress that we want to talk about is made from really nice looking fabric, shiny and the color is also specific to this culture, because we know that they are more into the colored pieces of clothing.

pakistani wedding dress

The dress has the upper side adorned with embroidery and it is clearly separated from the lower side where one can observe the skirt, which has different embroidery on. Let’s also mention that this dress has an accessory made of a long piece of fabric that matched in color and embroidery with the rest of the component elements of the dress.
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Besides all the details on their heads the Pakistani brides can also wear a long veil made in the same tone and from the same fabric as the rest of the gown. Let’s mention that this dress is combined of two main parts: the upper side which is the blouse and the lower side with the long skirt. The entire gown is made of colored material and adorned with shiny embroidery. The skirt is really long and it has in the back side a long train that goes in perfect coordination with the rest of the elements of the dress.

pakistani wedding dress2

Up to this moment maybe you’ve observed the spicy colors in which these dresses are realized, but there are also other models that are made in lighter tones of colors and with different details. Such a dress is this one from the image and it’s yellow with dark embroidery on. There’s also a piece of fabric that is in perfect coordination with the rest of the dress. We like this model pretty much and we think that you are going to like it too, after you admire it.

pakistani wedding dress3

Together with the veil you may apply for some flower details that can be placed in your hair and next to the veil. This is a culture that focuses on the traditional elements and this can be observed in their clothing. Indeed a great thing and you must take all these details into consideration. The last dress is definitely an interesting example and also you may attach a modern detail to the already existing symbols.

Besides the spicy and intense colors, you may use some other tones that will definitely make you feel great in them. We gave you the idea; you should also add some extra imagination part and every thing will be as you planned it.