Glamorous wedding dresses 2

As mentioned before, it`s not a bad thing to dream! So, let`s continue this beautiful dream and see some other glamorous wedding dresses!

That great model with corsage and skirt sticked to each other looks great on any body shape! Make sure the cleavage isn`t too deep! The dress is made of taffeta with silk veil and some nice applications! Accessorize this dress with a necklace and a nice bracelet and you can have a loop or leave your hair without too many elaborated details!


Another super dress is this one: satin material with embroidery with tulle and marbles with a long trail, fixed on the body to highlight the shapes of the body! Don`t forget to wear a tiara that should be matched with a necklace!
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You can have that puffy dress in the down side with short sleeves also and a medieval shape corsage. This dress is made of taffeta and English tulle with handmade embroideries with lace! It`s a model that can be worn in the warm seasons and you should take it into consideration!

And speaking of warm periods of the year, another interesting model is made entirely of lace and cotton, also in the down side it has a puffed area made out of tulle! It simply looks wonderful and it`s especially designed to highlight your feminine shapes!

Let`s mention also a sexy and comfortable model made of cotton with silk, with a nice clavage and some laces that are tied around the neck! To highlight your breasts this dress has a silk ribbon underneath that area and it ends with a bow!


A dress made of shiny organza and embroideries with marbles and lace! Simple great and let`s not forget the ribbon tied underneath the breasts! This dress is Model A with a corsage, it`s tight in the upper side and large in the skirt area, similar to the princess style dress!

A simple dress with long and transparent sleeves with floral embroideries on all the dress, a nice cleavage and puffed shoulders! It may sound weird, but it looks great! Let`s also mention that it`s not too tight, not too large! It`s comfortable and sexy in the same time!

The empire model will always gain success when it comes to the glamorous part! It`s so simple, but so sexy in the same time if it`s made with the perfect details! For example, this dress is made of embroidered tulle that is placed over veil! It has a deep cleavage and a tight area under the breasts! Simple and sexy in the same time, remember?

This may sound strange: veil with silk and mousseline…. But you simply don`t know how retro and glamorous it looks in the same time and everybody will admire your body that seems to just flow in this model!


As you can see, there are so many models for which you can apply for! It depends on your tastes and if you`ve paid attention to the details you may conceive such a dress at a low price!