Designer wedding dresses

We know that you love the designer wedding dresses and also that you would love to wear such a dress in that special day. Most of you take those models and make them custom made and this is quite a great idea, because it ends up being really cheap!

We would love to suggest you some designer wedding dresses in the lines to come and it’s up to you if you want to apply for one of these or not. We start with some dresses from Vera Wang’s collection; in this particular collection she applies for sleeveless wedding dresses and she combines pretty great the tulle fabric with taffeta.

designer wedding dresses

Let’s also mention that in this line she doesn’t use only the classical white for the dresses and also she applies for some other tones and nuances that go pretty great. We would like to suggest you a sleeveless dress with a corset made entirely of flower embroidery and with a line made of a black ribbon around the waist line. The skirt looks also great: it is made of taffeta, of course, and it has multiple layers from this fabric. Indeed it’s quite an interesting model and we hope that you like it as much as we did when we saw it.
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Oscar de la Renta has also some exquisite looking models of wedding dresses and we just didn’t know for what model to apply for. We stopped over a model that is pompous and you would definitely love to wear in your wedding day. Also, let’s mention that these dresses are for the people that are more into the extravagant style….

designer wedding dresses 2

We suggest a wedding dress that isn’t extravagant due to the model, it is in this way because of the elements used and you’re going to observe this with your own eyes. This wedding dress is made entirely of lace embroidery and it has underneath it a portion made in blue fabric. The wedding dress has short sleeves and you can also observe a short collar that is combined in a perfect manner with t all the elements of this dress. There are also a pair of blue gloves and let’s not forget about the pompous veil that has a nice detail on it.

designer wedding dresses 3

Reem Acra has interesting “views” as well and you’re definitely going to love to see this collection because it has interesting mixtures in it: glamour, vintage and classical wedding dresses. We stopped over a singular mode that has vintage touch in it. The dress is sleeveless and the corset has a straight neckline. The skirt begins somewhere from the waist line and it is really big and ruffled. You just can observe how two lines of fabric create interesting visual effects on this skirt.