Different suggestions as wedding dresses 3

Our list of wedding dresses doesn’t end with the last article, because we’ve got some other examples that will definitely seem interesting and gorgeous in the same time and also a good option to apply for in your wedding day. These are made of exquisite fabrics and with nice details on them. We’re certain that you’re going to like each and every one of our example and here’s how we start….

The first dress that we want to mention about is a long one and designed in A-style with nice patterns on it. So, this particular wedding dress has a boat neckline with short sleeves that leave your shoulders uncovered. Also, the chest is covered almost entirely and you can observe nice patterns on the bodice and on the upper side of the body.

different suggestions as wedding dresses 3

The waist line is contoured with the help of a shiny ribbon and you can observe ruffled details on the superior side of the waist line that are made from the skirt. The skirt is really wavy and it’s wide. Also, it’s made from a different type of fabric from that used on the corset and on the superior side of the dress. Quite some nice details and blending of elements if we come to think of it and we’re sure that this one seems a really interesting model of wedding dress….
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Here’s another gorgeous model that were sure you’re going to enjoy reading about as well. We’re speaking about a long wedding dress designed in A-line and with different details on it, like the sleeves and the upper side that looks like an elegant shirt. This dress has a great looking collar with V neckline and with a bow detail in the front side.

different suggestions as wedding dresses 3 2

The skirt is made in A-line and around the waist line you can observe a silvery detail made of flowers. The skirt is white and it has some glittery details here and there also, you can combine this wedding dress with a pair of kooky looking gloves and you’ve completed the imagery.

We’ve got of course another amazing looking wedding dress, this one is short and it has only cute details about it. So, it has short sleeves and it’s made of two sides clearly: the upper side designed as a blouse with short sleeves and V neckline and the skirt, which is short and made of multiple layers as a tutu skirt. You can observe nice looking flower embroidery all around this dress and we’re sure that you’re going to love the visual effect created with you wearing this dress.

different suggestions as wedding dresses 3 3

The last model that we want to specify is a long wedding dress that has only great looking details about it. This one is made in two separate parts: it’s the superior side that is conceived as a sleeveless elegant shirt, with a wide cleavage and ruffled details around the breasts and the neck as well.

different suggestions as wedding dresses 3 4

Around the waist line there’s placed an area with tiered details and this one is tied with a bow and the skirt consist of a tight skirt made entirely of flower embroidered fabric.