Mermaid wedding dress

There are some ladies that simply love the idea of wearing a mermaid wedding dress in that special day, but as we mentioned before it isn’t a model that suits everybody, if you have pronounced thighs then these will surely be highlighted even more and you wouldn’t love that. If you really want to wear such a wedding dress, then you will definitely be enchanted to read about these models that we’re going to suggest to you!
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We start with a mermaid wedding dress that is sleeveless and it has a straight neckline. This dress is really fixed on the body up to the knee area and from this area it begins to be loosened and it ends in the back side with a train. This model is made entirely of nice floral embroidery in lace. It is indeed a great looking model, isn’t it?

mermaid wedding dress

Here’s another gorgeous model that you would really love to wear! This dress has a long train in the back side, it’s sleeveless and it is mermaid style. So, the dress has some ruffled areas on the breasts and underneath the breasts it continues-entirely- with embroidered fabric. All in all it’s another interesting model and we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about it as much as we did.

mermaid wedding dress 2

Here’s another nice mermaid wedding dress: it’s made of ruffled areas on the bodice and the thighs area and when it begins to get loosened it has plisses. Another thing about this great looking mermaid dress is the fact that it has a silver detail on the margin and also let’s mention that it can be worn with a pair of lone sleeves that look really enchanting together with the dress.

mermaid wedding dress 3

Let’s leave behind for a while the sleeveless wedding dresses and let’s continue with a dress that has some great looking and thin sleeves. This dress is, made entirely of lace embroidery and it ends in the back side with a long train. Let’s also mention that in the back side there’s a nice motif with the back “empty” and all around this empty space there is an area realized in embroidered fabric.

mermaid wedding dress 4

This model will certainly take your breath from the first moment you place your eyes on it! It’s a sleeveless dress with a really tight corset and bodice up tot the thighs area. On the margins of this corset you can observe nice waves created from the lace fabric. Let’s also mention that the skirt is realized in layers of ruffled material and it has a train in the back side.

mermaid wedding dress 5

We hope that you enjoy this wedding dress as much as we did, because it’s indeed an interesting model and it would look on a thin body, don’t you think so?