Vintage wedding dresses

Everybody seems to be inspired by words like vintage or retro. Indeed these words are a continuous source of inspiration throughout the years and certainly these will be fields of inspirations for the years to come!


The vintage style implies periods, such as: Victorian Age, Edwardian Age and the ’30, ’40, ’50 and ‘60s! These periods imply the usage of fine texture, such as lace and precious materials with nice embroideries that highlighted not only the beauty of the woman who was wearing the dress, but also the dress in itself!

Here are some nice models of dresses and the accessories and make-up you can use are mentioned in some articles before, but it`s not bad if we talk about these things again in future articles! So, the vintage dresses imply fine fabrics and nice feminine models: a puffed dress in the down side with a sleeveless corsage to underline the shoulders and neck area that certainly would wear a fine, but precious piece of jewelry!
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A dress made out of Duchesse satin with veil or satin of silk or French lace! Magnifique and expensive in the same time, but certainly it`s worth every penny! You will need a pearl necklace certainly, because the fine materials applied on your dress don`t have an embroidery in this case!


Another model is a two pieced dress, made out of two pieces, made out of taffeta and tulle with lace applications, the down side of the dress looks enchanting, like a princess` dress made out of two layers that contrast to one and other by cuts! This two pieced dress made out of a puffed skirt( taffeta) and a corsage is very well-known, it resembles to the dresses used in balls, it`s precious in its essence and if the corsage has some golden embroideries( with crystals) you`ll certainly look like a princess!

Enough about the ball look alike dresses, let`s speak about those retro and simple dresses, but so precious in the same time (because they`re made out of silky tulle and French lace). These dresses simply fall on your body! These dresses are in A shape and are fit on the body! In the end of the skirt you can see nice models that simply make the dress more watery than it is!

The upper side, more exactly the cleavage area isn`t that daring and most of the time the dress has thin sleeves! An enchanting image! The ivory dress or with a golden nuance, has a fine embroidery and model on the entire dress, not especially in one area!


The model of dress presented above, can also be short, under the knees probably, it can fault those tiny sleeves and the retro image can be still preserved! You can also apply for such a dress that ends in one corner and in the breast area it can have a medieval model, like the upper side of the dresses women used to wear! These dresses, again, are made out of great materials: embroidered tulle or Chantilly lace!