Taking care of the wedding dress

The last step in conserving the memories and investments in what concerns the wedding dress is related to how you preserve the wedding dress, action which involves packing and tiding the wedding dress.

If the wedding dress has vague stains, it can be brought to the dry cleaner’s in a month after the month. If it has serious stains, like those made of juice of wine, you have to bring it to the dry cleaner’s immediately.

taking care of the wedding dress

If this period is overcome the stains are going to get corroded and the wedding dress won’t be able to be worn, but restored.
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Due to the fact that few wedding dresses can be cleaned in a traditional manner, you’re going to be able to look for a company that is specialized in cleaning such wedding dresses. If you don’t find one nearby the area where you live, you can search for one online.

Be sure that the wedding dress is verified before establishing the price. Avoid the dry cleaning placed where there’s offered a standard price for all dresses. The complicated fabrics and the special applications need diverse methods of cleaning.

Some wedding dresses need much work when it comes to getting cleaned and they’re going to cost even more. Generally, you can expect to pay some good millions for the process of preserving and cleaning. It’s indicated you read the certificate of guarantee in case in which it is offered to you and the products used have to have effect and if you open the box in which the wedding dress is maintained meanwhile.

It’s preferable you find a dry cleaning shop that offers guarantee for many, because there are many invisible stains, the champagne and the super don’t appear on the dress only in a period of 4 or 6 years id they’re lost from the sight when you clean the wedding dress for the first time.

taking care of the wedding dress 2

After cleaning the wedding dress, it has to be filled with paper that doesn’t have acidity in a box with the same features. Some dry cleaning shops include in their boxes some gloves made of cotton in order to protect the eventual stains on the hands during the future inspections.

Once you get home, place the box in an area with small modifications of temperature, lacking humidity, like underneath the bed or in the wardrobe. Don’t ever keep the dress in the basement or in the attic where there are too many fluctuations of temperature and humidity. What’s the final result of this special treatment? Over the decays it’s going to be as beautiful as it used to be in the wedding day and it’s going to be able to be worn by the future children and nieces.