Bride’s dresses with floral embroidery

Ladies we found some other interesting models of wedding dresses that simply took our breath from the first moment. We already been seeing that you’ve enjoyed pretty much the examples offered and we like to continue with some other interesting models that may represent a source of inspiration for your wedding ceremony considered as being “the happiest day of my life”, isn’t that right?

bride's dresses with floral embroidery

We want you to get rid of the bombastic style when it comes to wedding dresses and pay more attention to the details and how does the dress highlight your beauty and it shows just how happy you are….
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The first dress is divine! It is sleeveless and comes in A shape with the waist part concentrated on your feminine body “waves”. This dress ends tied up in the back with the help of a zipper.

The entire model is created of beautiful floral embroideries that are made in lace. In the back side you can simply see a wonderful trail that makes you look taller and it continues with the nice floral patterns in the back. The breasts are highlighted with other types of embroideries made in parallel lines that are united between the breasts.

Do you want any suggestions regarding the pieces of jewelry to wear? Definitely a pair of chandelier long earrings with some crystals or diamonds applied on them. The effect: you looking like a princess.

Another interesting model is definitely this one: a dress that is really tied to the body up to the thighs area. This dress is made of nice lace embroideries from head to toes. Around the waist line it has a silvery detail made also of lace.

bride's dresses with floral embroidery2

Let’s mention that it has a nice cleavage that highlights your breasts pretty much and over it the embroidery continues up to the neck area and it’s like a collar made entirely of lace. On the back side of the dress there is the same story, there’s a V which is covered with lace embroidery and it ends with a collar.

This is an interesting model and you should admit it: the embroidery can be made of crystals or glittery stones and it looks great as well. Let’s also mention that in the down side of the dress there are some waves created with the help of the material and it ends in the back side with a medium sized trail.

When it comes to the pieces of jewelry that you can apply for we totally recommend a pair of chandelier earrings with nice glittery stones on them and also in silvery tone. You don’t need any more accessories: the neck is covered entirely by the great looking lace embroidery and the pair of earrings comes to complete your image. Haven’t we convinced you yet?