Tips for properly choosing the bridal gown

Before you begin going from a salon to another and try on tens of wedding gowns, you should have at the basis some surviving rules. You do not want to pass entire months choosing the bridal gown without having a result.
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That’s why we’re here of course, in order to offer you only the most useful pieces of advice and you should try applying them if you wan to be successful.

Here’s the first rule: limit your entourage

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Bridal gown

When you go shopping for your bridal gown don’t take with you more than two close friends. Too many opinions can be a barrier against your own choice and it is going to be difficult to make your own pick. Also, take some of the friends who know you well and in the same time who are going to offer you an objective opinion!

Take into account the other costs that can surround your bridal gown

So, when you buy the bridal gown, there’s also a bridal accessory or something similar to add to your look and to the wedding gown. Some salons don’t have included in their packages the modifications that they make to the bridal gown. In addition, you will need to buy the wedding accessories that were just mentioned and the bridal veil, so they have to be mentioned in the budget for your bridal day and outfit.

The bridal shops function also if you have a particular choice

Only because a bridal shop with bridal gowns has in its portfolio your favorite designer, this doesn’t mean that it also will have the wedding dress that you decide to wear. It’s better than when you make the appointment, you mention the wedding gown that you have considered. In this way, they will be able to ask for the sample of the product you might want to try on.

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Bridal gown

Buy your bridal gown accordingly to your actual silhouette

No matter what shape your body has, it’s important to be aware of it. No matter if you have body in the shape of hourglass, you are thin or mignon, there is going to be certainly the appropriate model for you. Even if you want to loose some kilos before the big day, the change won’t be that radical as you imagine it to be. In addition, a wedding dress with a bigger measure will be brought to the correct dimension through different adjustments, but if it isn’t too small, you won’t need to loosen it up sufficiently.

Let go of the classic white for the bridal gown

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Bridal gown

If you really want to be original, and then think of changing the color of the wedding dress you want to wear in the big day. So, we were thinking that you can pass from the classic white of the bridal gown to a more gentle tone, which can be represented by ivory, silver or even in cream tones. Let’s also add that here and there, a touch of color should not be such a tragedy.

In fact, if you want to offer the impression of slimness, we think that it would really be appropriate to take into consideration the bridal band underneath the breasts and it can be made in your favorite color and from a shiny fabric. Also, with a bow detail in the front side, we think that you are going to end up with a really interesting look.

Of course, try both of these options we have mentioned: the derived tone from white and also the option with a colored band around the waistline – this is in case you want extra effect.

Then, there’s also the option of bridal gowns that are realized with strass applications or Swarovski crystals on the surface of the corset. This ought to make you look interesting as well and really different in the same time.

The A – line bridal gown never fails

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Bridal gown

Now, you must be thinking of a mermaid bridal gown, how gorgeous it can make your body look, but try to be more realistic! Not all body shapes are emphasized in a pleasant manner by such a model. The main idea about this bridal gown is that it is tight on the body and it will accentuate even more your “faults” and by this we refer to voluminous thighs, chubby hips and even a belly. You may think that the mermaid wedding dress is appropriate for making you look slimmer, because it tightens your body, it isn’t quite in this way – it does tighten you up, but in such a way that you end up looking even chubbier and in the same time you will loose all the comfort.

This is why, we recommend to all ladies the A – line wedding dresses: such models are appropriate for all bodies.