Simple and sexy wedding dresses

Hey future brides it`s time to be sexy and not naughty in the same time! Here are some models you may want to take into consideration before you finally choose your wedding dress!


Loosen up your hair, leave it just the way it is, be it curly or straight, underline your bust area with a wonderful piece of jewelry and use a simple dress that hasn`t got gloves, arm ruffles or bretelle, simple as saying pie! Sexy, not daring at all and minimalist in the same time! Maybe at the level of the breasts you may want to try some lace embroideries to underline your beautiful “natural jewelries”. This dress needs to be tight in the hips area to show your beautiful feminine shapes, and as long as you can!
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
Another sexy and simple model is the baby doll one, with embroideries with pearls on the breasts area, very long, with a small trail, with the composition of cleavage and skirt; the skirt may be made of veil plisse from natural silk! A wonderful piece indeed! Let your hair be loosened again, no tiara, not veil, no nothing! Just some earrings and bracelet that will certainly make you look nice and beautiful! You can wear this wonderful piece of work with some transparent gloves and some other pieces of jewelry only to highlight its beauty!


Can we recommend another wonderful gown? Well of course! A long gown, with some embroideries of lace on the bust area and on the shoulders towards the legs! On one side of the dress a transparent embroidery that goes towards the leg, just to show a little bit of your sexiness…. You can apply for flowers embroideries it will make you look fresh, the hair not so elaborated, some small earrings and you`re ready to go in front of the altar!

Another sexy model, which can be worn with loosened hair, is the one formed by the corsage and the massive skirt made out of tulle! The corsage has, of course embroideries and on the beginning part of the skirt, in one side you can apply a rose made of material, ohhh and don`t forget about the transparent gloves! You`ll certainly look like a princess! Don`t use a tiara, use a sexy necklace from your favorite material and color! It doesn’t matter, cause you`re all in white!


You may also want an A shape dress! It`s the one tight in the bust area and loosened in the skirt zone! In the upper side of the breasts you may want to know you need embroidery, with pearls or precious or semiprecious stones to highlight your breasts, in the down side a voilant skirt made of veil and easy to be worn! Use a leigere pony tail and you`ll look sexy and marvelous! Also you may want to wear a pair of earrings not to contrasting with the general image and to be in concordance with the precious embroidery!