Modest wedding dresses

Every future bride wants to look amazing in her wedding day and she wants to obtain this thing at a low cost. Here you’re going to see some models of modest wedding dresses, meaning that you’re cheap and these aren’t made from exquisite materials, but make you look wonderful!

modest wedding dresses

The first model of dress we want to suggest you is made of embroidered corset and a ruffled skirt with a short trail.
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Near the thigh area there’s a floral detail that makes this dress even more exquisite. The neckline is square form; let’s not forget to mention the fact that it has short sleeves…. You can add a tiara in order to make the image complete and you’re only left to get married!

The next modest wedding dress we chose to speak about is this one: it goes so great on the body and you won’t even feel it. It has sweetheart neckline with short sleeves and a belt detail underneath the breasts. The entire dress is straight and it has slight ruffles on the margins with shiny and nice looking embroidery. This is indeed a simple model and you’ll definitely look great in it; if you know with what pieces of jewelry to accessorize it then be sure that you’ll look amazing!

modest wedding dresses2

This one doesn’t look modest at all, from our point of view: it is A shaped with a sweetheart neckline and you’ll find out more details concerning it in the lines to come…. On the upper side of the body, exactly on the waist and breasts there is a ruffled detail made of the same material as the rest of the dress. Exactly on the waist line one can observe a belt made of a blue piece of ribbon, which is long too and also there’s a broche attached there.

modest wedding dresses3

Besides the dress there is also a semi transparent bolero with short sleeves that covers the shoulders and that creates an interesting effect together with the entire dress.

Here’s another modest wedding dress, that won’t seem modest at all to you! It s in A shape and on the breasts and the thighs it is kind of tight. This dress is made in A shape and it is covered on the exterior with nice and golden floral embroidery! Exactly on the waist line there is a little golden detail created with the help of a golden ribbon. Indeed it’s an interesting model and you just can observe the nice models of embroidery on the margins of the transparent fabric over the original dress body!

modest wedding dresses4

As you can observe there are some models of modest wedding dresses, which don’t look modest at all. You can find some exquisite looking models at a cheap price and also you’ll feel wonderful wearing them. It’s not hard at all; the important and essential thing is to know where to search!