1920 flapper wedding dresses

1920 flapper wedding dresses seem to have always caught the attention due to the cuts and the nice usage of the fabric. Indeed, these are quite great looking wedding dresses and we’re sure that most of you dreamed of wearing such a model in their wedding day. Your dream can come true as long as you really want it. You can find these dresses already made or even custom made, but let’s also specify that these cost some extra bucks, but it’s worth it! Believe us!

So, in what these dresses really consist of? these are short when it comes to the length and their particular feature is that they are composed of multiple layers of fabric with plisses and they are placed one on top of the other. The combination is exquisite and you can be sure that you won’t fail with it.

1920 flapper wedding dresses

You can wear a 1920 flapper wedding dress with a trench or a pullover and the combination is exquisite. Decide on the color you want your dress to be and over it place a matching accessory. Also, this accessory can have some great looking buttons and let’s not forget also about the purse, this is important as well and you can be sure that you’re going to catch the eyes of all who are participating at your wedding.
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There’s also a 1920 flapper wedding dress that has halter straps and that has something underneath it, type leggings, but transparent and ruffled ones. This is an extravagant combination and you can be pretty sure that you won’t fail with it. It’s also ideal when it comes to an open air wedding that takes place in the summer time.

Another neat combination would be a 1920 short flapper dress made of organza and combined with a short sleeved blouse and short pants. All these elements are made of transparent fabric and go pretty great with the rest of the elements. You can be sure that you’re going to attract everybody’s eyes with the things that you’re wearing and we would be pretty glad to know that you took into consideration our suggestions.

These types of dresses are going to be in trend all the time as long as you know to combine them with new and modern elements: like other pieces of clothing, a purse, a hat, pieces of jewelry and so on. In the future articles we are going to present you some other suggestions so that you know with what elements you can blend these types of dresses. Good luck in choosing the appropriate model of wedding dress!