Exotic wedding dresses 3

We think that you already know what’s next! Yes, we will continue the topic that concerned the exotic wedding dresses and we have some other interesting examples with different inspirations. These being said, prepare to read a fine topic and with interesting pieces of information.

The first dresses that we want to talk about have the same source of inspiration, which is the Asian side. Although you may thing that these are made in we don’t know what colors, on the contrary these are made in white.

exotic wedding dresses 3

Also, we know that you wouldn’t adopt such a dress in your wedding day, but it’s worth mentioning about, maybe you will take some elements from here (who knows?). Both of the dresses in the image are made in white tone and from shiny fabric, also these have shiny embroidery on and especially on the bodice.
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These exotic wedding dresses uncover a good part of their upper side of the body and these are made of tiny details that look really pleasant to the eye. One of the dresses has sleeves that go on the shoulder and the other one has halter straps- indeed these types of dresses are worn in certain exotic parts of the world….

Here’s another dress that has most likely inspiration from the African territory. This dress is made of shiny fabric in red and gold combination. The entire gown is red and on the margins and cleavage it has golden lines.

Let’s also mention that this dress has long sleeves and the skirt is long too. On the head there is a red and gold cap that foes together with a semi transparent and red veil. In the back side this dress continues with a train, let’s also mention that this is indeed an exotic wedding dress every element shows it.

exotic wedding dresses 3 2

The last exotic wedding dress that we would love to mention about is made of brocade; let’s say also that in the future we’re going to have such a topic that speaks about brocade wedding dresses. This particular model is taken from the Chinese culture and it can be definitely perceived as an exotic model. We just hope that you take some useful elements from here and apply these to your own wedding dress. Sincerely you would love such a dress-not for wedding- in your closet, wouldn’t you?

exotic wedding dresses 3 3

So, the exotic wedding dresses are considered in this way, because of several elements and we would love to mention them to you in order to get a general idea: these are made in strong colors; these have nice details on them and also have as basic sources of inspiration different exotic cultures and places….