Choosing the bridesmaids dresses

Choosing the evening gowns for the bridesmaids can be a difficult job, because you have to cope with relatively different personalities and with varied silhouettes.

Even if you, as a bride, are going to have the last word to say in what concerns the look of the bridesmaids you have to take into account their wishes and their personal picks.
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It’s important to be willing to make compromises and not to take everything too personal, sometimes the debates on the margin of the colors can prove to be really difficult.

Let’s start with the criteria that need to be taken into account, shall we?

First of all, there’s the body shape….

Take into account the shape of the bridesmaids’ bodies when you decide over the wedding dresses that they’re going to be able to wear. Sometimes, it’s necessary to modify the structure of the dresses in order to please all the people. This is why it’s indicated to pick a color for the bridesmaids than opting for a particular model of wedding dress.

Personality and style….

If you want to make your work easier select the bridesmaids in such a way in which their personalities aren’t that different.

On the contrary, you’re going to take into account their preferences or the desire of getting out of patterns. Discuss with them in due time and see what they would like their wedding dress to look like in your wedding day, on the contrary you’re going to have some unpleasant surprises.

The budget….

Try to choose dresses at an acceptable price and from common collections, because not all the bridesmaids are going to be able to acquire a designer dress. Discuss in due time and see whom is going to pay the entire price of all the evening gowns, you can even ask them to pay their dresses or you can surprise them.

Advantageous look….

Even if one of the bridesmaids is going to look better than others you have to make sure that the style of the dress advantages all of them. Not only are you going to succeed in maintaining a certain balance, but also please all of those that are going to be near you in the big day.

If you take into account all of these “steps” or pieces of advice, how you like them to be called, you’re going to end up with some really satisfied bridesmaids who in the same time are going to look gorgeous next to you and they’re going to be really sexy if you come to think of it!

In case there are other questions that you would like to put concerning the bridesmaids dresses feel free to ask us!