Reasons to choose a wedding dress with sleeves for your big day

Now that we have suggested some sleeveless gowns we think it is about time we bring to your attention some reasons to choose a wedding dress with sleeves for your big day. There are women for whom this kind of dress is more suitable. Also, a wedding dress with sleeves is more appropriate for a winter wedding. So, if you fall under one of the above categories, then we have some interesting models of such bridal gowns for you that we would like to present.
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We begin with a rather interesting model that has short sleeves. This one has a wide bateau neckline and you can observe nice looking embroidered spots on the surface of the bodice and on the sleeves, as well. The embroidery continues down the dress giving it a fairy-tale air.

wedding dresses with sleeves

This is even more obvious when observing the dress from behind. The long lace closure will surely take one’s thought back to the Medieval times. There is no way you will not feel like a princess wearing this dress. Without a doubt you will get the feeling that the only thing you lack is the crystal shoes.

wedding dresses with sleeves 2

Another wedding dress with sleeves that you should also put on the options list is the one in the image below. It is quite similar to the previous dress but it features classier details. The sleeves are made of lace, and the entire dress is satin made, whereas the train is slightly longer. It preserves the floral motifs but this time they appear more subtle. The cleavage is deeper, though, making the dress more modern and more appropriate for a 21st century wedding.

wedding dresses with sleeves 3

Our last suggestion of wedding dress with sleeves comes in a very beautiful design, as presented in the picture. The sleeves are longer, but without covering the arms enitrely. The combination of fabrics and the embroidery are also very interesting and they will definitely do wonders on every type of body. On the side of the dress you can observe a tiered detail that is meant to create a wavy effect on the lower part of it.

wedding dresses with sleeves 4

In conclusion, if you intend to have a more conservative wedding, a dress with sleeves will be the exact piece that you need. But, strapless does not always mean sexy and sleeves can anytime make the imagination of all the guests wander and you will surely find them charmed.