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Wearing black wedding dresses may be kind of a paradoxical idea to what the usual wedding traditions indicate: wearing white in the big day brings good luck and it’s a symbol of innocence. Let’s be realistic and admit that the innocence was stolen long time ago and rare are the cases in which it still remained for the big day!
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Of course, wearing a black wedding dress doesn’t mean that you are going to have bad luck in your wedding, or that you have an evil side or something like that (how it may be believed in some cultures) – this only means you have the courage of standing up in a black wedding dress and express your happiness through a dark tone piece of clothing.

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Black wedding dress

There are some brides who don’t aim the idea of an entire black wedding dress and here is where the option of wearing a black and white wedding dress intervenes – for this matter, you are able to pick white wedding dresses that have something black on them or next to them. What are we referring to? Certainly, there are some black areas that are most common to be found in wedding dresses, like the belt, which can be made of matte fabric or of semi transparent one.

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Black and white wedding dress

The black bridal belt placed around the waistline can end up tied in a bow, or it can simply have a flower detail, as to confer a cuter impression of the bridal piece.

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Black and white wedding dress

Besides the black bridal belt, there’s always the option of attaching to a white wedding dress, a pair of black gloves and this is what constitutes the black and white bridal gown!

Black wedding dresses are usually made in the same way of a normal wedding gown: with a wide skirt, made of multiple thin layers of fabric and continued in the back side with a long train, there is also the option with the strapless wedding gown that can be done similarly to ball wedding gowns and the list can continue.

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Black wedding dress

The other side can’t be omitted, with the informal wedding dresses that are realized in such a way as to imitate normal gowns – in this case, you are also to observe bridal gowns, which are made simply like evening gowns and can be worn in a more “loosened” wedding.