Da Vinci wedding dresses

For those extravagant brides who want to look indeed like princesses brides in the big day we’ve seen some interesting models of wedding dresses that are going to make the difference and not only through the details that compose them, but due to the way in which these make you feel!

In other words, we think it would really be appropriate to share with you some Da Vinci wedding dresses that are going to make the difference and make you feel different in comparison with other brides.

Da Vinci wedding dresses

In the following lines you’re going to read about such wedding dresses and maybe apply for one of them in the big day!
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The first model of Da Vinci wedding dress that we were thinking of sharing with you consists of a sleeveless wedding dress that is made accordingly to the models of princess wedding dresses. So, this one has a straight neckline and the skirt is composed of ruffles and with a short train in the back side. You can observe numerous embroidered details on the surface of the bust. The skirt, as we mentioned previously is made of numerous layers of ruffled fabric. All of these cope together into creating a gorgeous visual effect!

In case you’re looking for something more different and with a touch of color then it means that this other model is going to suit you like a glove! The wedding dress is in fact created like the previous model and you can observe around the waistline a blue ribbon attached that continues in the back side with embroidery on. Also, this blue detail is placed on the long train and it’s going to offer the impression as if you’re really tall!

Da Vinci wedding dresses 2

Such a Da Vinci wedding dress is certainly going to leave you amazed! So, we’re speaking about a strapless wedding dress that is made accordingly to the princess models of wedding dresses. This particular model is made with sweetheart neckline and corset in the upper side.

Da Vinci wedding dresses 3

Another thing that we have to add is related to the voluminous skirt, which is created only of ruffled details and in the back side it’s continued with a long train. Did we mention that the corset has nice looking embroidery on its surface? In other words you’re going to love applying for this wedding dress and it would be a real pity if you didn’t or at least taking into account a similar model….

Da Vinci wedding dresses are nice to be taken into account if you’re looking for something special…. Of course, there will be other more examples in the future time you can be certain of this matter.