Various types of Eden wedding dresses

In the Eden wedding dresses collection you can find any type of model you want and we think that any bride will find something worthy of all attention and admiration there. And hopefully, something to take home and wear on the big day. Therefore, in the following lines you are going to read about some interesting models that we found outstanding and unique.
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The first model we will start the presentation with is this beach wedding dress that can be worn at an informal wedding or at a destination wedding. It is made in A – line and it features some very interesting details. It has a sweetheart neckline, spaghetti straps and it looks quite comfortable. In fact, this wedding dress is in its all a comfortable piece, which is perfectly suitable for a relaxed event.

various types of Eden wedding dresses

From informal wedding dresses we jump to the opposite pole. To be more specific, we jump to a princess wedding dress signed by Eden. It is designed in a really classical manner, if we are to judge by certain details. This strapless wedding dress with straight neckline features a bow detail on the side made from a golden ribbon. The lower part of the dress is ruffled reminding one of the dresses worn in the Victorian age. Therefore, if you have a passion for fashion that brings back classical and refined looks this is the dress you want to place your order for.

various types of Eden wedding dresses 2

Our list of suggestions continues with a vintage wedding dress that is also signed by Eden. It is not exactly the typical wedding dress, even though the mermaid type is quite famous. It is the kind of dress only a bold woman would wear, a dress that outlines the curves of a neatly shaped body. The fabric and the color are rather exquisite, but lace has always been an expression of high class and elegance.

various types of Eden wedding dresses 3

These are only some types that you can encounter in the Eden wedding dresses collection. There are many more that you can find online performing only a simple search. However, before getting too enthusiastic, you must also make sure that the dresses you come across match the budget you have dedicated to this important element of your bridal attire. It would also be nice to ask for a second or a third opinion before actually buying your most desired Eden wedding dress.