Gorgeous models of wedding dresses

Whenever it comes to gorgeous models of wedding dresses and conceived in a very interesting manner in the same time we simply can’t get enough and we would like to share with you as much examples as possible and this is why we thought it would really be an interesting idea to continue with sharing some pieces from the catwalk that you definitely have to take into account. So, these are conceived in a gorgeous manner and it’s a real pity if you don’t take them into consideration.

We’re speaking first of all, about a short wedding dress signed Jil Sander and that will amaze you instantly. This one has a round neckline and thin sleeves and it’s designed in a very interesting way- with tiered details on the surface of the skirt and the skirt has tulip shape.

gorgeous models of wedding dresses

Let’s also add that in the superior side of the dress you’re going to observe some semi transparent pieces that will make you look rather mysterious and really sexy in the same time…. this is definitely an informal wedding dress and it’s appropriate to be worn during the warm season!
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The other model that we wanted to share with you is also really interesting and it’s designed in such a manner that it recalls of the vintage periods…. So, this one is tight on the body, it’s made in white tone and you can observe slight embroidery on its surface. There are these details that can be observed on the surface of this dress and all cope into creating a marvelous piece that we’re sure you’re going to love applying for in the big day. Did we mention that this dress is tea length and that you’re going to look just gorgeous in it? Also, let’s add that this dress is signed L’Wren Scott and that you’re going to fall in love with it immediately.

gorgeous models of wedding dresses 2

Marc Jacobs seems to play with the imagination lines as much as it’s possible and you’re going to observe a really interesting piece in the lines to come. This one is definitely something you didn’t see before and it’s designed in an interesting manner with lots of amazing details. So, this one is made entirely of semi transparent fabric that has waves on it with black and thin details.

gorgeous models of wedding dresses 3

All of these elements cope into realizing a really interesting wedding dress, which we’re sure you’re going to admire with eyes wide open! Also, it’s an informal wedding dress for sure, but it can’t be worn in the big day- if you’re crazy enough you can do it for sure!

We hope that you loved all the models shared here- it’s a real pity if you don’t!