Precious wedding dresses

There are so many models of wedding dresses, but brides have different tastes and so on…. through the time we’ve presented you some nice and chic models. Here are some exquisite and breathtaking dresses, which you may want to consider buying!


A great dress is that in A shape with a long trail and without sleeves, type corsage plus a nice skirt that seems not to end, this dress is made with tulle over organza and on that tulle there are some fine floral embroideries, the dress simply looks great ! These embroideries are concentrated around the bust area and the ending part of the skirt, on the trail also!
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A nice model is similar to the one presented above! It`s an entire dress in the upper area, corsage type with plissés on the breasts, under that area some flowers made put of material that continue with nice embroideries around the wais! The plisses continue in the back side of the dress, exactly on the surface of a corsage! A simple dress, made of silky taffeta and with a long a trail!

Similar to these models above is one with fine sleeves and embroideries all around the bust area! This dress is made of tulle and simply looks waving! It has also a long trail and the veil looks also flawless, it`s long and placed on one side of the head with the help of a flower!

A mermaid shape wedding dress looks good on a thing body, or even on those chubby ladies that have really great body shapes! Why is that? Because it`s so tight to the body and simply shows all your nice lines! It is type corsage in the upper side and in the down side it`s A type, beginning from the knees and it continues with a long trail! It simply looks so classy, but so fashionable in the same time! It`s made by overlace and it`s nice to see those great models on a young and fresh body!


As you can see, the models without sleeves are so in the trends and certainly a must have at your wedding. Besides all those models, here is another breathtaking dress, which resembles the other dresses presented above, but every dress it`s special in its way! This one is made of tulle with nice embroideries, it`s so A type, fit on the corsage area and on the abdomen and beginning from the hips it gets larger, voilant and continues with a nice, long trail!

The princess dress seems to be always fashionable and the type corsage and fluffy skirt seems to always gain success! This dress is made of tulle and it has embroideries around the corsage area, and the skirt has also a nice line of embroideries that seems to be continued in the trail!


So, what characterizes the field of wedding dresses, this year? Beautiful materials, with nice embroideries on them, long trails and dresses that highlight the feminine shapes of a woman!