Wedding dresses with sleeves

Many brides like their dresses without straps or sleeves, but there also is a category of brides that prefers to adopt a more classical look. It is to this particular category that we would want to dedicate this article to, approaching the topic of dresses with sleeves.
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The list we managed to put together represents but a collection of dresses that feature sleeves and have a good looking aspect. The first model comes in A line style and nice waves. On the inferior side of the dress, one can observe nice floral embroidery and it confers a royal look to the entire dress. The sleeves are quite large and the fabric is very clear with floral embroidery.

wedding dresses with sleeves

Another good looking wedding dress with sleeves we would like to recommend is the one shown below. Its sleeves are accurately following the lines of the hands. The design of the dress is again A-line but this time with a long train.

On its upper side the dress is tight and going further down side, on the side, embroideries are again, present. The fabric of the sleeves is lace and they have the same floral motifs. This model reveals your shoulders in a beautiful manner and it offers the bride a great overall aspect.

wedding dresses with sleeves2

There are however, some dresses that cover a certain part of the body while the hands are also covered, almost entirely. This is the case of the dress shown below too. The back side of the dress is uncovered in a trapeze shape and you can observe how the dress is tied in the back side with strings that end in a nice bow.

wedding dresses with sleeves3

However, there are dresses that feature short sleeves and which emphasizes your low-cut neck, hands and back side as well. This dress has a sweetheart neckline and it is made with nice floral embroidery on both sides of the bodice.

wedding dresses with sleeves4

The sleeves are made from lace, and the details are again flowery. This model is ideal for the summer season but it will do just fine if your wedding is planned for spring, too.

wedding dresses with sleeves5

Our last model is made entirely of lace and it follows the mermaid type. Starting with the thighs the dress becomes wavy and develops plisses that are designed in a really natural manner. It is great for a bride that has a vintage wedding in plan in full summer season.