Colored wedding dresses

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our designer wedding dresses examples, because there are more to come in the future. We would like to focus now our attention on some colored wedding dresses that we’re sure you’re going to feel pretty tempted to read about, because it’s an interesting topic.

So, we start with our first suggestion of colored wedding dress. this one is in red and it’s made in shiny fabric that creates a really interesting visual effect.

colored wedding dresses

We’re speaking about a long dress that has a straight neckline and that’s made of two layers of fabric: one on the superior side made of tiered details and there’s one on the lower side, exactly in the area of the skirt that is made of multiple rose details. Indeed, a nice looking wedding dress that is designed in A-style. On top of this wedding dress you can observe a bolero with short sleeves that goes really nice in combination with the other details. On the head, you can see a hat that is made from the same type of fabric as the rest of the dress and it’s really shiny looking.

From red we jump to yellow and we suggest to you a long wedding dress made in yellow and silver. So, this one is made in a very interesting manner: you can observe the sweetheart neckline with the silver details underneath the breasts and the tiered details on the bodice.

colored wedding dresses 2

Also, there’s the skirt that is made of ruffled details and with nice details on it. The skirt is long, down to the floor and it definitely creates an interesting visual effect. Combined with this dress there’s a pair of white gloves in medium size and a hat in yellow and silver tones. How about that?

Another interesting model, also colored is made in silver and cream. This one is designed in A-style and you can definitely observe its sweetheart neckline.

colored wedding dresses 3

Also, it’s very tight on the body and it’s made of silvery embroidery. The skirt is made of two layers, it’s designed in A-style and it has the superior side covered with silvery embroidered fabric and the inferior side has cream tone. The waist line is very well delimited with the help of a portion with a ribbon.

The gloves are medium sized and these are made from transparent fabric. The model wears on her head a big hat with fluffy details on and a fan in her hand. Quite some interesting details that we’re sure you’re going to want to apply for!