Wedding dresses trends

We know pretty well that it’s hard to decide how is the bridal going to look like in the conditions in which on the market you can encounter hundreds and tens of models that attract you.

This is why we thought it would be great to include in this review a little guide in what concerns the trends of the following year.

These are not only the basis trends, but also our choices for a courageous bride. Every dress is going to be well received by your guests, but you have to have a wedding dress that surely impresses the others and here’s what we thought of….

Flower insertions!

More than the pure elegance of the flower insertions we love the possibility of attaching them and taking these of the wedding dress. You can have a really simple wedding dress at the religious ceremony and then you can apply the flower insertions at the wedding reception; you’re going to have two wedding dresses in one.

wedding dresses trends

In addition, you can apply for colored insertions that will offer a plus of novelty to your dress. Renounce to the classical white, white as milk for a more elaborated outfit.
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The ample skirt!

The creations of the next year can be very inspiring, you know?! In case you weren’t into princess wedding dresses the future models are going to seem really great form now on. Choose an ample skirt made of tulle and with diverse applications or with flower models, you’re going to incorporate in this way two main tendencies.

Jewelry and tulle….

Are you into glamour wedding? Then choose a wedding dress made of crystals or pearls accordingly tot the pieces of jewelry that you’re going to wear in the wedding day. Opt for a tulle skirt if you want to create a notable contrast! You will highlight the dress if you’re going to apply the pieces of jewelry on a ribbon in another color tone (like cream, black or blue).

wedding dresses trends 2

Vintage wedding dresses….

The designers outdid themselves through offering the air of the 20s in full 3rd millennium…. Who would think some years before that the brides from the entire world are going to be overwhelmed with the vintage fever?

wedding dresses trends 3

Choose fine dresses made of lace and veil with discrete ruffles and gloves. If you’re going to choose the appropriate hairstyle and accessories, no one is going to be able to make the difference between you and the brides of the other century’s brides.

Touch of color….

If you have the courage of taking a wedding dress in another color, which isn’t white then you definitely have to apply for strong tones that are suggested by the designers for the years to come: black, blue and red!

If you’re not sure of this choice you can opt for a colored detail, like the Brazilian designer Jorge Terra has done. A bolero with yellow roses can be used after the wedding is finished.