Informal wedding dresses by Bari Jay

Bari Jay presents a great range of informal wedding dresses that you can apply for and take into account in the big day! This is how we thought it would be a really great idea to share with you some really interesting wedding dresses that are going to seem great to take into account.

The first Bari Jay informal wedding dress that we want to start our presentation with consists of a strapless wedding dress made in A line. This one is done with a sweetheart neckline and the waistline is very well emphasized through the glittery details used underneath the bust area.

Informal wedding dress

The tiered details on the surface on the bust area as well as on the bodice of this wedding dress offer a really fresh touch to this wedding dress and in the same time it makes it look really natural, as if it’s designed on your body…. Attach a long veil made of semi transparent fabric and the final effect of this wedding dress is certainly the one you were looking for.
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The next informal wedding dress that we want to continue our presentation with consists of a really extravagant piece, which you have to take into account if you really want to make the difference. We’re speaking about a V neckline with ruched details on the surface of the bust. Between the two breasts you can observe a flower detail, which seems to cope perfectly with all the rest of the details.

Informal wedding dress

Another thing that we have to add about is related to the ruched details which can be encountered also on the surface of the bodice and continuing to the level of the hips. The skirt is made in A line and of multiple layers of ruffled details, which are designed of fine fabric which we’re sure you’re going to love applying for.

This wedding dress is realized in coral tone and we totally recommend it, it’s the type of extravagant and informal wedding dress for which you can apply with ease and in the same time you can attach a cockade detail in your hair.

Informal wedding dress

The last model of informal wedding dress that we want to add is made in straight manner and with lots of interesting details surrounding it. for instance, this wedding dress is made with fine fabric and it’s done with a skirt that is going to emphasize your gorgeous body shapes in such a manner that it makes you look as if you were born to wear it.

The sweetheart neckline emphasizes the beauty of your breasts and the straps on the shoulders are the ones that confer an extra interesting air to the wedding dress.