Disney inspired wedding dresses

If you want a wedding like in fairytales you’re not only going to need a prince, but also a bridal gown. Have you ever thought of the possibility of wearing something like the characters from the Disney tales?

The wedding dresses designer Alfred Angelo has made a crew with those from Disney and has created an inspired collection from the wedding dresses worn by Ariel, Aurora, Cinderella, Bella, Snow White or Tiana.

Disney inspired wedding dresses

It’s not a joke as you may think! You can even get dressed and suffer a transformation in the wedding day and look like the Little Mermaid or Snow White. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee the fish tail or the seven dwarfs.

For example you can look like Ariel, wearing a wedding dress mermaid style, adorned with pearls and that has a long train. Each one of these possible wedding dresses are inspired from the well known characters from Disney and you can interpret them as you like, as long as they have a classic element from the chosen character.

Belle’s dress has to be draped around the waistline and it can be inspired from the dress worn in the scene of the ball.

The dress that has as source of inspiration Cinderella has to be glamorous and to recall in a way or another of that shoe.

The dress of Snow White is a traditional one, inspired from nature, adorned with flowers. For those that are looking for a modern dress similar to Jasmine’s dress made of satin can be an alternative. Fortunately, none of these interpretations is as exact as making you look ridiculous.

The basic idea of this collection is that every bride wants to look like a princess in her wedding day. The question is if all women want to look like a princess from the Disney fairies.

Disney inspired wedding dresses 2

Their advantage is that the Disney stories have always a happy ending. If you’re interesting in princess wedding dresses, these are going to be available in all measures and they can be found in the Alfred Angelo and the partner stores.

If you’re undecided, maybe you want to look like a famous character in the wedding day, worn by a legendary actress, in this way you’re going to be able to do wonders. Throughout the time, many designers have inspired themselves from movies when it comes to their collections.

Many times you can see a dress from a movie and you know that this is what you want to wear in your wedding day. So, if you don’t want to be a princess Disney in the wedding day then you can get inspired from movies.