Two pieces wedding dresses

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a difficult mission, especially if you have body shapes, which don’t seem to be that helpful.

In addition, some of you are fed up of classic models of wedding dresses and probably wish that there is at least a different tone in comparison with the other wedding dresses. An idea in this matter is the wedding dress made of two pieces.

two pieces wedding dresses

We’re talking about a corset and a skirt with crinoline. The skirt can be really straight, but also a little bit loosened or really loosened.
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Even if it’s much different from the traditional gown, many women choose this type of wedding dress because they can opt for outfits that can mask some of their defaults or even emphasize the qualities. For example, an outfit made of two pieces: of a corset and a not that loosened skirt is going to be appropriate for a women that has small breasts, but with emphasized thighs.

In this case, the cleavage is gorgeously emphasized, but the thighs are masked through the cuts of the skirt. For the chubby women, it’s recommended a model with a corset separately from the entire gown and a vaguely loosened skirt or really loosened (in no case a princess style skirt); or a dress as simple as possible, without emphasizing the lines of the waist….

It can be said that the breasts are emphasized and if you want this thing and you also want to create the impression of prolonged waist, then you can create the impression of “V” in the waistline through the model of wedding dress you’re wearing. If you have beautiful shoulders, choose a model with straps over the shoulders, which are going to create an impression of prolonged silhouette.

two pieces wedding dresses 2

Besides these advantages it can be as elegant as possible, if not it’s special than any other classic wedding dress. In most of the cases, it’s easy to wear some of these with freedom of movement.

The wedding dress can be sophisticated; you can apply to the superior side flower embroidery and silk attachments. You can apply to multiple ways of highlighting the wedding dress, in case in which you don’t want to be too obvious that you’re wearing such a wedding dress. The corset can be adorned with roses made manually and of veil, with silver application in order to confer it a glam shine.

The corset can be adorned with embroidery cut manually or with silver threads or adorned lace with crystals or different other elements. The cut of the skirt can be masked in the same time with ornaments. For example, a scarf in a contrasting color, like red placed in the waist line can be a really great modality of masking the cut in the waist line.

A sophisticated model is the type of wedding dress made of two pieces, realized of taffeta and French lace, with pearls and Swarovski crystals and made manually. Of course, the options are multiple!