Oleg Cassini wedding dresses

Continuing our topic that concerns the designer wedding dresses we would like to present you some interesting models of such dresses and this time these are signed Oleg Cassini. There are a lot of models that look really great, but as usual, we focused only on a few ones continuing with others in further articles.

We start with a sleeveless mermaid dress. This dress has a sweetheart neckline and it’s created in an interesting mode: you can observe how great it goes on the body with all the lace embroidery on and with the wavy margins. Be sure that with such a dress on you’re going to look divine wearing it, because all your body shapes will be highlighted.

Oleg Cassini wedding dresses

Another interesting Oleg Cassini wedding dress is definitely the one that we’re going to mention about in the lines to come…. It is made like the princess dresses and you can be sure that you’re going to look divine in it; it is sleeveless and it is made in two pieces the corset and the ruffled skirt. The corset has a straight neckline and the skirt is long and it is made in ruffled details. You can be sure that you’re going to look great in this type of dress.

Oleg Cassini wedding dresses2

As you can observe the Oleg Cassini bridal wedding dresses look pretty cute and have something special from the other ordinary dresses. The dresses that we’ve chosen to present here are really interesting as you can observe and if you like these feel free to share it with us.

Don’t worry because our topic doesn’t end here…. We continue with another great looking model and it is quite great looking. It is a sleeveless dress with A-line skirt and you can be sure that it looks pretty great on you. The corset has nice embroidery on and the skirt as well-here and there. Let’s also mention that just on the waist line you can observe a black belt realized in shiny fabric and this belt ends tied in a ribbon. Quite a great looking bridal dress as you can observe….

Oleg Cassini wedding dresses3

The last model that we want to suggest to you is as extravagant as the others…. This dress is made entirely of lace embroidery and you just can observe all the details on it. Also, this type of dress wouldn’t be appropriate for a wedding that takes place in this season. This dress has a straight neckline and it’s sleeveless.

Oleg Cassini wedding dresses4

To all the elements that we’ve described we add the fact that this dress has a bolero made of embroidered lace and this bolero has long sleeves. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the long train in the back that goes really great with the other elements.