Camouflage wedding dresses

Some time ago we’ve mentioned a list of funny cake toppers with the military theme. Now we’re going to suggest some camouflage wedding dresses and we hope that you enjoy this topic as much as you did with that concerning the cake tops.

We won’t chit chat too much and we’re only going to mention that there are some ladies that would adopt such a style in their wedding day. Let’s also say that there are adopted the classical styles for dresses some times and in other times you can adopt a modern model with the special type of fabric of course.

camouflage wedding dresses

A great looking camouflage wedding dress would be definitely this one: it’s mermaid style and it would definitely look great on a thin body. The neckline is sweetheart type and it has nice looking details on the bodice and things like that. The lower side of the skirt is realized only in ruffles and there’s created a nice visual effect. This model will definitely look great even if it’s not made in this special tone of fabric.
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Our first suggestion is a sleeveless and A style camouflage wedding dress. This one has a straight neckline with the bodice really tight and contoured. The dress is flawless and really comfortable, without any plisses or ruffled areas. It’s an interesting model and indeed it’s worth wearing it if you’re into these types of models. Let’s also mention that on the front side of the dress there is some embroidery with shiny parts and things like that.

camouflage wedding dresses2

The next model is very similar to the previous one. It has the same straight neckline and tight bodice, this time the difference consists in the skirt: it’s pretty ruffled and puffed and it has nice looking plisses. Maybe underneath the skirt seen by the eye, there are probably some other layers of fabric and things like that.

You can also adopt a normal style of dress, a casual one, which you like the best and make it from that particular fabric. It’s not hard at all to have a camouflage wedding dress in your special day.

camouflage wedding dresses3

So why does a certain segment wear these types of dresses? Well, probably because they have a future husband that works in this field or they are simply fans and want to adopt their entire wedding to this theme.

There are various reasons for which some of the women would like to wear a camouflage wedding dress in that particular day. We hope that our suggestions helped you in a way or another to make a general idea about these models of wedding dresses and maybe you decided to apply yourself for such a dress in the most important and special day of your life. If so, feel free to share your opinions with us and we will definitely feel glad that someone adopted a suggestion that we’ve enumerated.