Strapless Casablanca wedding dresses

Now that the warm season is approaching really fast or if you decided that your wedding should take place during the warm season then you definitely need to take into account the solution of a strapless wedding dress, don’t you think so?
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Well, we’re sure that this sounds pretty nice and in the same time you’re going to love these particular models that are shared with you in the following lines due to the fact that we’re speaking about Casablanca wedding dresses, which are strapless.

The first Casablanca strapless wedding dress is to die for! So, we’re speaking about a sweetheart wedding dress that is made in a rather simple manner, the only thing complicated about it are the portions with embroidery, golden embroidery and the fact that the skirt is made of multiple layers of semi transparent fabric, which continue in the back side with a short train.

Another gorgeous strapless Casablanca wedding dress is definitely this one, just pay attention if you’re a little bit too plump you can’t quite wear it due to the way in which it’s conceived. It’s tight on the body down to the level of the thighs and the skirt is wide and with a train in the back side.

You can observe fine embroidered areas on the corset and on the margins of the skirt. All of these details compose this interesting wedding dress, which is definitely great to apply for!

Want another example of strapless Casablanca wedding dress?

Well, we’ve got another sweetheart wedding dress that is also really cute! So, as you imagine it has a sweetheart neckline and it’s made accordingly to the princess wedding dresses models. It has embroidered details on the surface of the bodice and on the margins of the skirt as well. Another model to die for!

Of course we have some other strapless wedding dresses to share with you! We’re speaking about a wedding dress that is realized with sweetheart neckline and tight corset on the bodice. As for the skirt, it’s made in wide A – style and multiple layers of semitransparent fabric. The wedding dress is continued in the back side with a short train.

You can observe multiple embroidered areas on the surface of this strapless wedding dress, for instance on the bodice and on the lower side of the skirt! Indeed, a gorgeous visual effect!

No matter on which model you decide to apply for we’re sure that you’re going to look amazing dressed in your strapless wedding dress during your spring theme wedding! It sounds funny, but that’s the way we imagine you and we’re right, because after all that’s the main theme of your wedding.