Colorful wedding dresses 2

We consider that two models aren’t enough, so we’re back with the topic regarding colorful wedding dresses and also we assure you that these aren’t the only ones and that we’re going to get back with this subject.

The first colorful wedding dress that we want to mention about isn’t that colored, but the embroidery used on it is. This dress is type fairy tale gown and it’s realized from two pieces: the corset and the ruffled skirt and you already know that, don’t you?

colorful wedding dresses 2

The entire dress is white and it has red floral embroidery on it, roses more exactly, with their leaves and fine strains. The corset has sweetheart neckline with rose petals embroidery towards the neck. On the waist and on the thighs the floral embroidery continues and the tulle ruffled area has also floral embroidery on it and let’s also mention the fact that in the back side this dress is continued with a chapel train made also of tulle!
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In order to match this dress perfectly you can apply for a flower, a red rose that can be applied on the hair to be a substitute of the veil or any other detail that can be placed in the hair. As pieces of jewelry, you can apply for a pair of red chandelier earrings and a matching bracelet!

The next model of colorful wedding dress is in light purple tone. This one is A shaped and it’s really tight on the body, up to the thighs. The dress has halter neckline and V cleavage in its back side. On the front side, exactly on the chest and waist line there is nice embroidery realized in an interesting model. This embroidery continues in the back side of the dress exactly on the V line.

This colorful wedding dress continues in the inferior side with nice waves created from a dark colored purple and also with a small train. Let’s also mention the fact that on the borders of this dress there are the same details created in the same manner and in the same color.

The model of dress that we’ve presented up to this moment is recommended for those really slim future brides that don’t have big breasts! They can show their other pluses, it doesn’t matter that they don’t have large boobs, isn’t that right?

colorful wedding dresses 22

Let’s also mention the pieces of jewelry that you can apply for if you wear this dress: some medium sized earrings with great looking details and matching in color with the wedding gown. Also, you may apply for a bracelet in the same color and tone and your image is completed!

As you can observe, your wedding dress doesn’t necessarily need to be in white, the classical white- you can apply it to your personal taste and ideas. As in the first model of colorful dress, you only need to use your imagination and the rest consists in the attitude and things like that!