Elena della Rocca wedding dresses

Designer wedding dresses? Here you’re going to be able to find all the models you wish for and in the same time we assure you that these are scrumptious looking in the same time and let’s also add that if you’re looking for something to make you look different in comparison with other brides- these are the right models that are going to confer you this exact look.

The Italian designer Elena della Rocca brings Renaissance structures in colors as special as it could possibly be and in the same time these are unique for a bride to wear. So, if you really want to be a nonconformist bride, a dress signed by this designer is just the right way of obtaining this look and aspect.

Enough with speaking about this collection we would like to continue with presenting interesting models of wedding dresses, which are unique in the same time and we can’t compare them with any other model that you’ve seen before.

Elena della Rocca wedding dresses

The first suggestion we want to share with you consists of a sleeveless wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline and that is designed on the body. So there are these golden embroidered details that we want to mention about, which can be observed on the breasts and consist of lines that are made in a parallel manner. We have to add that the dress is conceived in mermaid style and that it’s designed tight on the body down to the knees and it continues in the back side with a short train. All of these elements and details compose a really interesting wedding dress that we’re sure you’re going to fall in love with.
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Here’s this other Elena della Rocca wedding dress that we want to share with you and that looks interesting in the same time as well. This one is conceived in A-style and it has a golden tone. Also you can observe numerous embroidered details with fine lines all around the surface of the dress. There’s also the empty back side that is covered with only some thin lines made in golden tone as well. This model is conceived as well in mermaid style, it’s tight on the body and it continues in the back side with a train with nice waves.

Elena della Rocca wedding dresses 2

Such models aren’t appropriate to be worn by those ladies who are chubby and have some areas of fat on the thighs or on the shoulders. This is indeed something to take into account and it’s very important to know, because you don’t want to look unpleasant in the special day…. Before trying such a wedding dress be sure to ask for some second opinions.