Extravagant wedding dresses 2

Here’s how we continue our series of extravagant wedding dresses with some other interesting examples that will definitely catch your interest immediately.Let’s see exactly what is this all about, shall we?

Our first suggestion consists of a strapless wedding dress, which is really wavy and won’t even be felt on the body.This dress has an ivory tone and you can observe allover panel details on it, let’s also mention that the skirt has the shape of a fishtail, on one side of the skirt you can observe a rosette detail that comes over the main body of the dress, there’s also the ruffled hem that can be observed.

extravagant wedding dresses 2

Some other interesting models can be observed on the dress’ body, with all those parallel lines and these create a nice visual impression. Did we convince you that it’s worth wearing such a dress in your wedding day? Well, you should be!
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The next suggestion in our list consists of a short wedding dress that would be ideal to be worn in a hot summer day. If you’re a person that hates the classical stuff when it comes to clothing, then this means that this dress will fit you like a glove.

So, this wedding dress is white and it has a tonal jersey skirt. It’s really fine with the one-shoulder neckline and the ruffled detail on the right shoulder. You can observe the banded waist that takes a little bit of silvery tone in it. The jersey skirt is designed in A-line and it has tiers and ruffles on it. Quite interesting, don’t you think so?

extravagant wedding dresses 2 2

Another model that we would want to suggest to you is also extravagant and of course, it’s an extravagant wedding dress. So, we’re speaking of a strapless wedding dress with sweetheart neckline and with tiered details on the entire length of this piece of clothing. There’s a cream mesh, the pencil skirt, and you can observe just how finely your body shapes are highlighted with all those details.

extravagant wedding dresses 2 3

Our examples will end with this last suggestion of extravagant wedding dress, which we hope you to like as well. Here’s a sexy model that will catch your eyes immediately. This dress has a white knit lace detail in the front side, there are the satin finished and the jewel neckline as well as the cap sleeves, and the sheer yoke gives you the impression of a sweetheart neckline illusion. Another thing that can be observed on the waist are the satin beaded flower accents. Sounds pretty sexy, doesn’t it?