Gothic wedding dresses

There are and there will always be extravagant brides-to-be that search for the kookiest of wedding ideas and that is why we thought of discussing this topic and present you some interesting models of gowns that belong to the gothic wedding dresses category.
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The gothic style represents the period in which there was an intense interest in the dark side of things; and what color could better represent this style more than black or deep red. Of course, most of you would also like a wedding dress that does not represent a cliché, but it is rather outstanding.

gothic wedding dresses

We already thought of this aspect, so, we browsed for great looking models and here is what we found.
The first model of wedding dress is in black and white. It features a white corset that is very tight on the body and has a straight cleavage.

Around the waist the dress has a bow detail made probably of black taffeta. The most interesting thing about this dress is the ruffled skirt that is made of white fabric which creates the aspect of a fairy tale gown. Over the first white layer comes one of black tulle and black embroidery that delimitates the margins of the ruffles.

Our following fine piece of Gothic wedding dress is entirely black except for the embroidered areas with elements of different fabric and color. The dress is sleeveless and it has a sweetheart cleavage that is really tight on the waist line. Right below the waist the ruffles begin with a great amount of shiny embroidery on the side. This wedding dress ends in the back with what seems to be a black heavy train.

gothic wedding dresses2

Both models are very interesting, but you would have to be quite bold to wear any of them. If you, however, are not that brave you can go for slightly similar models but that come in other –less deep – colors. Furthermore, you could add a lot of details in the shape of jewelry accessories, bridal bouquet or bridal shoes to compensate for the black of the dress.

gothic wedding dresses3

These, however, can only be white or ivory in order to make a pleasant chromatic contrast. Remember that the Gothic style is not just about the dress. It is also about the attitude you have when wearing the dress, so, make sure it suits you before choosing the elements that will compose your Gothic wedding attire.