Creating your own wedding dress using imagination

Who said that you couldn`t be your own designer? In fact, have you ever thought of making a wedding dress from a curtain? Well, try to remember those silly games, when you, as a little girl used to put on yourself all types of objects and you thought you were a bride! Most of the girls do that with a curtain and they succeed very well in creating an interesting wedding dress!


Let`s play a little bit and we`ll certainly obtain some nice wedding dresses borned out of our imagination! And how you can do that? With the help of a piece of fabric (a large one), scissors and some pins!
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Take a big piece of material, shiny one and place it around your body making sure that you have revealed one shoulder! On the other shoulder make sure you take some pins and play a little bit with the fabric and creating waves! The dress can be as long as you like, if you don`t like its length you can apply for cutting it with scissors! See how simple it is? After you`ve finished with the dress, make sure you immortalize the moment in some pictures!

Take a sheet you don`t like anymore and place it around your body! Take some pins and give it a Greek aspect, like those dresses the women used to wear! Leave it really long! The idea is to create plisses with the help of pins, and every woman knows how to do that! Make sure that with the help of those pins you`ve obtained a compact piece of clothing!


Take an old piece of lace fabric and place it with pins on one side and on the other at the basis of the plisses make sure you`ve applied a tiara made of fabric! The final result is breathtaking and maybe you`ll discover a talent very well hidden!

As you can see, you only need some imagination, old pieces of fabric and many pins in order to create a wedding dress in your own hands! Of course you can`t try this on you, because it`s kind of hard! You can do this very well on a friend and make her some photos after; to see how talented you are and how far has your imagination brought you!

You can also play with different types of fabric and if it`s necessary some threads and pins! This is a very relaxing exercise and maybe in this way you`ll realise what type of dress do you really want in your wedding day and what suits you better!


So ladies, take your bed sheets, curtains and old pieces of cloth and start playing with them! Make pictures and then you can use these as dust clothes and it won`t be any problem! The idea is of recycling and that`s about all!