Wedding dresses

In case you’re looking for some romantic wedding dresses we think that you’re going to love our suggestions in the following lines. We’re speaking about special outfits that are designed for brides who want to look different in their wedding day and not apply for a dull wedding dress or something like that.

We like the most all of those colors insertions and the bow details, which are present in this collection signed Novissima.

So, we’re going to suggest you first of all a gorgeous wedding dress that comes with a bolero over the superior side as to cover the shoulders. This isn’t any type of bolero; it’s designed with embroidery on the margins of the sleeves and on the margins of this piece.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
The next thing we want to mention about in this outfit is related to the wedding dress to which this bolero is attached and it has only interesting details about it. Like the fact that it’s designed in a sleeveless manner with sweetheart neckline and bow detail around the waist line. On the lateral sides you can observe some applications that are similar to those applied on the bolero and it’s indeed a gorgeous combination of details.

Another thing that we have to add is related to the fact that the wedding dress is designed on the body, it’s almost tight on the thighs as well and we don’t recommend this type of wedding dress to women that have the thighs area emphasized!

We were mentioning something about color insertions and here’s how they appear in this collection and in this particular model of wedding dress, which we’re sure you’re going to end up loving!

So, this one is designed in A – style and you can observe purple color insertions around the waist line and as “sleeves”.

As we just mentioned we’re speaking about a wedding dress that is designed in a style that is appropriate to almost everyone and it has such a cut that it emphasizes the neckline and the back side as well.

Around the waist line you can observe the purple insertion detail that ends in the back side with a bow and with a long mini train. In fact, the wedding dress continues in the back side in a prolonged manner and it will definitely make you look thin and tall if you decide to wear it.

We were mentioning something about the sleeves, which are made of purple fabric and with ruffled detail.

Certainly with such a wedding dress you’re going to end up looking just great and let’s also add that you’re going to be different in comparison with other dull brides! How about that?