Nice wedding dresses made of beautiful materials

We`ve found some nice models of wedding dresses and we insist on presenting them to you! So, let`s talk about some of these marvellous models that may inspire you in creating your own fairy tale dress!


The first dress is made of tulle over organza, and it can be found in white or ivory nuances! Let`s also mention that it`s type corsage and long skirt with trail! It has a nice bow at the back of the skirt! You can also find nice embroideries on the skirt and on the corsage as well! The back ends with a line of nice buttons in shape of pearls! You can wear the dress simply as it is without using any pieces of jewelry and let`s mention that the hair ends with a loop and you can place a nice tiara around your head!
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The next model is also made of tulle over organza and it can be found in ivry and white nuances! It is corsage type and skirt with a short trail! The tulle has nice embroideries with butterfly motifs on it! The dress looks simply breathtaking!

The next suggestion is similar in model with the other dresses, the difference consists in the material it`s made of: silk! It can be found in various nuances: light ivory or dark ivory! The trail is placed at the back of the dress and it`s made of taffeta in pale ivory or white and it`s rather long! The dress describes itself through simplicity and on the corsage you can find nice floral embroideries that can be also found on the taffeta trail.


The next model is A type model, very tight on the body and large in the skirt side. It is made of silk and it can be found in light ivory or dark ivory nuances, it has also applied a taffeta trail on the back in pale ivory and white nuances! The dress also has a silk made bolero with short sleeves and a nice floral application around the waist line!

The next suggestion is also in A shape and it`s made of silky taffeta that can be found in pale ivory, ivory and white nuances! The dress has nice floral embroideries on the skirt part of the dress! The trail comes from the skirt and it`s short! Let`s also mention that the skirt area is really puffy!

Another A shape dress has floral embroideries until the hips area and it`s made of tulle over organza and can be found in ivory or white nuances! The dress looks really precious and you have to have a rather thin body, because it`s really tight around the waist and hips line and let`s not forget the breast area, too!


The final model we want to present is made of chiffon and it can be found in ivory and white nuances! It looks really great, because it has plisses from the upper side to the down side! It has some floral applications around the waist line and a short trail that starts from the skirt area! Let`s mention that it`s made entirely from one piece and it is not corsage with skirt!