Let us present you a few designer wedding dresses

Designer wedding dresses are exquisite and great looking. Indeed, these are pretty expensive but you can take their model and order it custom made. How about that? So take into account all the models exposed here and you can be sure that you’re going to end up looking pretty nice….
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We start with a designer wedding dress that is long and designed in A-line. This one has on the shoulders V neckline with short sleeves. The sleeves are made of embroidered fabric and on the chest and on the bodice you can observe tiered details. The skirt is designed in A-line and it has ruffled details here and there with flower details on and flower embroidery. It’s a neat looking dress and we recommend it for those that want to have a more serious look.

designer wedding dresses 5

Another interesting designer wedding dress that we want to present to you is made accordingly to the fairytale gowns. This one is long, sleeveless and with a straight neckline. You can observe tiered details on the chest and on the rest of the surface of the dress. The skirt is really ruffled and voluminous and it’s made of two layers of fabric, there’s the layer on the exterior side with tiered parts and the inferior layer is made wit flower embroidery, which are really great looking in the same time.

Also, there’s a bolero on the shoulders that has embroidery on, similar to the inferior layer that we’ve just mentioned about. Another thing that we need to mention about relates to the long gloves, which are made of fine fabric and go really great in combination with the other elements.

designer wedding dresses 5 2

We continue with suggesting you another great looking model of wedding dress and it’s designer made of course. This one is sleeveless and it’s long and with a golden tone in it. You can observe a sweetheart neckline in this dress, the bodice has tiered details on it and it continues with a shiny layer of fabric with ruffled details on and flower details on the exterior side.

designer wedding dresses 5 3

As for the skirt, it’s made of semi transparent fabric with embroidery on. So many details, really great looking in the same time and you can be certain that this is an interesting looking wedding dress that would be interesting to apply for in your wedding day.

Our examples don’t end here! We’ve got some other examples of designer wedding dresses in the future time and we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy these ones as well.