Glamorous wedding dresses

Through the time we`ve presented you some nice models of wedding dresses, and we simply just can end, because this chapter is so vast…. Furthermore we`re going to show you some wedding dresses, perfectly accessorized and what type of make-up you should apply when wearing them! So, here we go again….


The first model is a nice dress, like in fairy tales with a puffes skirt made of tulle with a nice embroidered corsage, not just some common embroideries, but crystals! This dress can be perfectly accessorized with a white fur bolero and when it comes to jewelry, we recommend a tiara, some nice earrings that fit both with the tiara and the embroideries! You can apply for a stylish hairdo with some curls here and there and when it comes to make up, try to highlight your eyes as much as you can, brown and pink can be a perfect combination together with a peach pink nuance of your lipstick!
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The make-up mentioned above suits well the next models of dresses that we`re going to present next! This model is similar to the one mentioned above, the only thing that differentiates the two is the model of embroideries apply, which has besides the crystals some lace too! The materials are also different: organza and silk, the tiara is smaller than the one mentioned before and the earrings must suit it perfectly!


This dress, besides the model, which is similar to the first two dresses, has a long trail and it`s made of tulle and lace! You can get rid of the tiara with this dress and place a nice white flower on your loop or on one side of the head!

The next dress is princess style, made of organza and taffeta with crystal embroideries! If the dress adopts this style is clearly corsage with skirt and a long trail! Accessorize it with a pair of nice earrings that suit with a fine bracellet and in the hair use a flower made of textil fabric, maybe as a rose!

You can wear also a nice dress with long and transparent sleeves that have lace embroideries! The basic material is taffeta and all the things that accessorize it are made of lace! Simply wonderful! For this dress you`ll need only a pair of earrings, which can be simply and shiny!

Do fairy tales inspire you a lot? Well, this dress is certainly designed for you! You know the classical model! The fabrics are the basic thing: embroidered tulle with pearls and crystals! Try a loop for your hair and place around a nice and small tiara!

For such a dress you can apply a deep cleavage, just make sure it`s not too deep! And other materials can be tulle and taffeta with manually applied lace! Glamorous! And to make it more glamorous use a pair of chandelier earrings, or even long ones with marbles or crystals and simply shine!


Of course, there are few that can afford such dresses, but why shouldn`t you dream, as long as it`s the most important day of your life?